The Dutchess of Windsor

At first I refused to see Madonna`s W.E movie when it premiered. Then I saw her concert on Tv and loved her original song called “Masterpiece” which is also part of the soundtrack.

I know not everybody loved the movie and some even found it boring.

Let me just say I saw the movie…and I really liked it. 

What I loved the most was the soundtrack (which I immediately bought on iTunes and highly recommend it if you like classical music).I also adored the costumes used in the movie.

So for this Fashion Wednesday my inspiration is Wallis Simpson in this particular movie.

wallis simpsoncollag

1) This dress is lovely for a late lunch.

2) As classy as it can get.

3) Can I make this dress my new uniform?

4) My favorite for a date.

5) This one is breezy and cute.

What is your favorite one?


One thought on “The Dutchess of Windsor

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