Let me carry it all

Copia de my bag 1

I love the “What’s inside my bag” posts. So why not show you guys?

I must confess I did leave out many things, but I can say in my defense that they didn’t fit nicely in the picture!

details my bag 3

1) I love Ipads. I really do. But there is something magical about the good old engagement book. This one I got as a lovely gift and I’m loving it’s leather smell every time I use it.

2) My wallet. I bought this as a personal gift to myself since I love the hot pink color.

3) This little treasure is a makeup palette from YSL. It has 4 eye shadows, 2 lip colors, a highlighter and a very big mirror.

4) Post-its. I can’t live without them!

5) A pen, Colorblast Mascara from Covergirl and a Kiko lipgloss.

6) My phone or as I call it; my little technological wonder.

7) Portable charger. Word of advice dear iPhone manufacturers: we do love technology but what we don’t love is remaining battery-dead at 1pm in the afternoon.

8) My sunglasses. This was a gift from aunt Agni. I love them madly.

9) My little ball of softness: Eos lip balm. Also my pink Channel lipstick, Essie nail polish in “Baby’s Breath” and Advil Migraine Reliever.

10) My keys.

What do you guys carry in your bag?


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