Love is in the air: 5 fun facts of Valentine’s Day

heartValentines Day is the day we recognize love and friendship but for some it’s also the day that ice-cream is eaten to beat the blues for reminiscing loves and friendships.

I love holidays, there is a special feeling of having a particular day with a particular purpose.

Since this is Valentines week, let me leave these 5 fun Valentine’s Day fun facts:

1) Valentines Day is the 2nd most important holiday for sending greeting cards. Christmas being the 1st and Mother’s Day being the 3rd.

2) In Verona, Italy they receive more than 1000 letters on Valentine’s Day each year addressed to Juliet.

3) It is considered the number 1 day for florists around the world.

4) Roses represent different meaning with colors. The most common is red for love and respect, pink that represents sweetness and white that means purity.

5) The quantity also has important meaning. One rose is “love at first sight”, 12 roses means “I love you”, 100 roses is used for marriage proposal and more than 500 roses means you are either very rich and in love or probably crazy.

What are you planning for this Valentines Day?


2 comentarios en “Love is in the air: 5 fun facts of Valentine’s Day

    • Well let me tell you that sounds great! I love this day but hate the caos that comes with it, so we are staying home too and probably have dinner and enjoy some tv time.Hope you have a nice day!


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