The secret garden: how I keep my plants alive

plant 4

My mom has an incredible green thumb. In the other hand, I used to kill even a dead plant. I love plants but there was a time in my life that I couldn’t keep them alive. Until I moved into our apartment and found my new favorite place: the balcony. This space was destined to be my little garden.

When we first got into the apartment, everything was empty except for a pot with soil that had only two brown stems. I thought it was going straight to the garbage until I moved it and a stem broke uncovering a green piece. I put it in the balcony and hoped for a miracle. I decide to re-pot and water it. I found myself secretly hoping to recover this anonymous plant.

Two weeks passed by and not a sign of life in there. It was really depressing looking at the empty balcony with only an almost-dead plant. I was almost ready to throw it away but when I got a closer look a small leaf was coming out of the broken stem. Bingo.

Let me tell you that this miracle plant survived and with time it bloomed with incredible colored leaves. From there on I started to pay more attention to plants and nowadays I’m proud to say I have my small garden. (Yes, almost three years and they are still alive).

To the left my small Pine and to the right my miracle plant that I found out is called Croton Plant. I water them two times a week and keep their soil moist. My mom taught me a little secret: put some ice once every two weeks in the pine’s soil. It keeps it nice and happy.

plant 3

This is my succulent spot. I have different kinds. They don’t like a lot of direct sunlight and they need little watering. I water them two times a week, waiting for the soil to get dry between watering. It is very important for this plants to have drainage under the pot because if not they will have a short life.

plant 2

The same goes for the cacti. No direct sunlight and little water.

plant 9

I have a hard time with flower-plants, also called “gift plants”. They seem to be very difficult to keep alive but this one has been here for a year and it’s holding on.

plant 5

I recently bought this Bromeliad and loved it. I water it once a week and spray it with water twice a week.

plant 6

These are some of my indoor plants. This guy here is my snake plant. I have more all over the apartment. You can neglect this fellows as long as you wish and they will still be happy. Water two times a week and wait for the soil to dry between watering. It also purifies the air and looks pretty, so that is a double plus.

plant 7

And finally the Aloe Vera. Water once a week and tons of light.

plant 8


Do you guys have indoor plants? What is your favorite?


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