Culinary Pinterest: my favorite recipes


There was a time where Pinterest was as important as getting coffee in the morning. Everyday I would sit there looking at amazing pictures that would be then organized in my boards. Just thinking about me makes me so happy.

Those days are far gone and I have recovered from my Pinterest addiction. That being said, I do come back from time to time and still have fun. It’s colorful, it’s exciting and it’s really handy. You have no idea how many things I have learned. (Well, there was always a do-it-yourself gone wrong.)

My culinary boards were filled with mouth-watering recipes until my doctor took gluten and most dairy products out of my diet. So I forced myself to make a board of only “allowed” recipes but they are still yummy!

Here are the recipes I have tried and are my favorite from my Pinterest board:

1) Cauliflower Pizza 

2) Zucchini Lasagna

3) Zucchini Spaghetti  (my favorite)

4) Portobello Mushroom Pizza 

5) Turkey Lettuce Wrap Taco

Do you have any favorite Pinterest recipes?


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