Home improvement: still in progress

I find myself changing so many things in so little time in our place. I have to confess not everything was a complete success when I first started renovating the apartment.

See, we bought our place with furniture because that was what the previous owner offered. So instead of throwing everything out, I did try to save some things by giving them a little personal touch.

(Please excuse my terrible photos because they were taken from my Iphone and we know how that goes.)

I found this little guy in the laundry room and instead of tossing it, I sand it, took most of the original paint off and used a little oil-based white paint.

before a1 copy

table b1 copy

One of the things I hated about this room was the cheap wood they used for the closets. (Well for everything else too, I’m still working on that.) So I sanded the whole closet and changed the handles. I also painted the room a lighter gray because I think it makes the illusion that the room is bigger. Now it has a decent look.

closet a1 copy

closetb1 copy

So what do you guys think?


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