10 funny things about me


I like to make people laugh and I usually don’t take myself too seriously. My father has always been a funny guy and one of the things I enjoyed when I was a little kid was laughing at his jokes. Laughing is good for the soul.

I do have some funny, and maybe weird, things about me. (This might be a little embarrassing).

1) My name is spelled Natascia. I really think it was a misspelling of “Natasha” while they were making my passport or my parents decided to give me a complicated name. So people often write down my name as Natasha, Natacha or in worst case scenarios they call me Anastasia, Nastasia and from time to time Tasha.

2) I don’t sneeze like a normal person. If I sneeze once, then be prepared for the next 20 sneezes in a row.

3) I have a big OCD problem. (I mean, I even have divided my blog into sections and one of them is OCD Thursdays.) Problem? What problem?

4) I have a paralyzing fear of spiders. Even the itsy-bitsy ones give me a panic attack.

5) I know four languages and when I am really tired, be prepared to hear me talking in all four of them at the same time.

6) I always remember what I dream of. I even dream while taking naps.

7) I have no stage fear. I can literally sing and dance in front of thousands. Just make me sing in front of 3 people and I get shy all of a sudden.

8) I always make a little victory dance after something wonderful has happened to me. Usually it is a “Saturday Night Dance” move.

9) I have a small addiction to Zero Coke. I seriously don’t like regular coke.

10) I love to exaggerate things. It makes the story more interesting. For example this would be reality: “I was driving and a car passed by really fast catching me by surprise”. My version: “I was peacefully driving and a maniac almost hit my car. I had a heart attack right there. I am alive by miracle.”.

What are the top funny things about you guys?



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