Useful things for your little OCD alter ego

I keep my apartment clean and tidy. I really do like it that way. There is nothing more relaxing than waking up to a clean house in the morning and nothing more fantastic than coming home from work and finding everything shiny and in its place. I can go on but I’ll probably freak you out. I want to share with you some tricks I learned lately and now I apply them all the time.

1) I used to toss my paint brush after each use because once the paint was dry, everything was doomed. Unless you had thinner and that my friend, is as toxic as radiation. So here I learned this simple and non toxic recipe: hot water and vinegar.

vinegar brushes

2) My entrance carpet was a mess. Stinky and dull. So after buying tons of toxic products and having no fantastic results, I decided to search a little and found this incredible DIY carpet cleaner.

carpet cleaner

3) I love candles, I use tons of them and I make sure to buy the ones with a jar. I found this tutorial on how to remove the wax once the candle was of no use. Works every time! I love having jars for other uses.

save jar

4) I read an article on bedbugs and couldn’t sleep in peace for days. You don’t want to go and read those article before going to bed like I did. This was very useful, not to say my bed smells amazing and now I can sleep in peace.

mattress cleaner

5) I started noticing little holes in ALL my clothes. Moths had made my closet their palace. This little monsters were living peacefully in my closet. I tried mothballs and they seemed to work but they smelled terrible. So I found this that has an amazing smell and works wonders.

moth repelent

Did you found this useful?



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