Project vacation: from Paris with love


A year ago my sister turned fifteen. In our country this is the equivalent of the “Sweet Sixteen” thing. Her wish was to go to Paris and she thought I would be a fantastic chaperone of course.

So we went to Paris and literally froze. Last year what everybody talked about was how cold the weather had gotten in France. That didn’t stop us from having a fantastic time. I think this was one of the best trips I ever had because it got me closer to my best friend and was a very fun experience.

I present you my lovely sis who was having the time of her life meeting the Eiffel Tower for the first time.


This was taken on the top of the tower. Let me tell you that I freaked out during the two different elevator rides until the top. Once we were up there the cold weather froze my nose.


We walked so much after that. The poor Stefania was very tired but I was determined to walk until we dropped.


On a normal breakfast in Paris we had crepes and croissants. Cappuccinos and lattes were welcomed too.

friday iphone sept 2013 041

Our hotel was located near the “Jardin du Luxenbourg” and we went there everyday to have relaxing moment.


We visited the Louvre twice and I truly loved it. We didn’t get to see it all but we did walk around fascinated. The Mona Lisa was smaller than I thought and we struggled to take a closer look. Aside from that, my top favorite Louvre’s side was the Napoleon chambers.


We laughed so much the entire trip mainly because I was always trying to make Stefi laugh. She has the most adorable smile ever.


Here near Notre Dame. We did not enter because the line was infinite but we sure did take lots of pictures outside


Stefi loves the cold weather and was walking around like it was her natural habitat. I, in the other hand, resembled a snowman because I was freezing the whole time.


Versailles was magnificent. We stood in line under the glacial cold for three hours and after that I got the flu, but it was really worth it.


Me getting a little stretch in the garden.


I came back from Paris with my new best friend. Stefania is the best trip buddy one can have. I am so happy we did this together.



7 comentarios en “Project vacation: from Paris with love

  1. I love Paris. I have been there several times, last time was also last year – in late April. We had cold weather the first few days and then it finally warmed up a little. It is such a beautiful city and I love the people and food and everything about it. Do you speak French? I do and I found it so liberating so be able to communicate anything in the local language. Great pictures!! 🙂

    • You are so lucky that you got to feel a the warmer weather in April, because I really did freeze in March. I agree, Paris has a chic charm around it. You have no idea how much I ate. I do speak a little French and got to practice it! It is fantastic that you speak fluent French! At first it was kind of difficult to understand how to move from one place to another in the Metro, but after two days I was moving around like I owned the place. 🙂 It would be lovely if you could share your pictures!

      • Sure! You know I would love for you to be a “guest blogger” on my blog! It would perfectly fit on “project fridays”. There you can post about your Paris trip or anything else you would like to share on my blog. That would be fabulous!

  2. Sure! I think you have to have a plugin for that on your page where I can submit the content? I wish I could offer you the same for my blog but the format I am trying to maintain is more of a “story-telling” thing – BUT – I am planning on adding a page called something like “Posts I like” and I would like to add some of yours to that. 🙂

    • Yey! If you like let’s do the following (I am still in the process of learning the plugins and gadgets) Send me your post via email at with the pics you would like to publish and I will first post a small introduction and the link to your blog, then I’ll paste the post exactly as you sent it to me. Don’t worry about reciprocating the post thing! 🙂 I am doing it because I really like how you write and I think it is a fun idea to have a guest blogger! 🙂

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