Wanderlost: 5 places I want to visit

Lately, I have found myself in a state of nostalgia of the places I have visited and how wonderful it felt. I find myself with the desire to be anywhere except here. Has it ever happened to you?

Trapped in our daily routine we often forget how big the world is and how many things we still have to see. Personally, I want to find the courage to move but there are still many things I have to sort out before I go.

Meanwhile I want to share with you the places I would love to visit. It is kind of a small bucket list.

1) My father-in-law was from Sicily. Mr. Carmelo was one the most special people I have ever met. He sat whole afternoons telling me about this wonderful place.


(Photo credit: http://09am.com/sicily-italy/ )

2) Since my mom is Greek, this country has been part of my heart since a little girl. My mom made sure I learned Greek and I will be truly thankful for that my whole life. I stumbled with this picture on the internet and fell in love with it. My aunt has been there and told me it is magical. This is the Melissani Cave, Kefalonia.

 kefalonia greece

(Photo credit: http://besttravelphotos.me/2013/11/12/melissani-cave-kefalonia-greece/ )

3) A dear friend went on a short trip to Istanbul. He really loved the place and gave me amazing tips for my future trip. The only word I know in Turkish is “Yavrum”, depending on the context, it means “my dear”. Since Turkey is near Greece I might even visit Istanbul and Kefalonia at the same time. Convenient right? 


(Photo credit: http://www.anascreccatravel.com/en/index.html)

4) Blame Woody Allen for this one. When I saw the movie “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona” I fell in love with this city. I have plans to live there one day, who knows. 


(Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sb4lynn/7084635515/in/pool-72006205@N00/lightbox/)

5) The Taj Mahal, India. This has been on my bucket list since a little girl. I would absolutely love to go there. 


(Photo credit: http://www.youramazingplaces.com/15-places-top-travel-list/)

I would love to know, what are five places that are in your bucket list?


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