About me

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My name is Natascia and I am the founder and writer behind The Golden Limoncello since January 2014.

I’ve been a singer, songwriter and a dancer all my life. If you Google me you’ll probably find more about my singing than my writing though. I love music more than anything in this world but writing is my long time passion.

I started this blog as a small project for a course I was taking and now, two years later, it has become a space where I can share the things I love, some easy recipes and useful DIYs.

This blog is divided from Monday to Friday. On Mondays you will find every kind of lists possible, Tuesdays are for recipes, Wednesdays are for fashion-related posts, Thursdays are for DIY and how-tos and Fridays are filled with travel, music, videos, and special projects.

Currently I am finishing my book called “Panther’s Club” (I have shared some segments of the book in the blog) and hopefully will share the whole thing with you guys soon!

Keep having fun, be yourself and love who you are (yaaaas).

So remember, if life gives you lemons…you go and make yourself some Limoncello…

-Natascia Da Prato



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Natascia – I really like the layout/format of your blog, especially the five different categories corresponding to each day of the week! I think the entries are great – concise, to-the-point, fun and interesting (even if I don’t have any makeup to organize). Great job! — Marc

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